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INCREASE OVERALL VISIBILITY Increase the visibility of your facility with a customized social campaign that is structured and designed around reaching out to your community and your members…

Campaigns tailored to boost your overall engagement within your community. Increase the growth of potential new members and strengthen the loyalty of existing members.

What is Interactive Fitness Network?

Interactive Fitness Network is a premium Social Media Management and Member Engagement developer specifically designed around the health and fitness industry. Interactive Fitness Network can help you manage all your resources to reach out to your community, from integrating social media into your overall marketing plan to getting insightful analytic data and creating new incentives to reward your members. Most Important, we help you turn your interactive social efforts into measurable results.

The greatest results in life are usually attained by simple means and the exercise of ordinary qualities. These may for the most part be summed in these two: common-sense and perseverance.

Member Recruitment Member Recruitment

Engage with potential new members through our “Reach Out Programs”. These Programs are designed to increase the interaction of your health club within the community.

Reputation Development Reputation Development

Produce positive feedback on your health club with specialized campaigns that are aimed at increasing the goodwill within your community.

Engaging Content Engaging Content

Incorporate powerful content that is aimed at striking an interest with your followers, relevant to your audience and above all, Brand your voice.

Revenue Generators Revenue Generators

Using targeted content, distribution and syndication, Interactive Fitness Network will help drive more members to your facility and grow the brand overall.

Analytic Reporting Analytic Reporting

Weekly/Monthly detailed reports are developed to show the effectiveness of each Social Marketing Campaign.


Peace of Mind Peace of Mind
Feel empowered and confident that your community is seeing a positive outlook of your brand with a powerful social presence created through Interactive Fitness Network.